Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lifestyles guru Martha Stewart starts a new TV season back at home

BEDFORD, N.Y. - Martha Stewart is inviting everybody over.

The 67-year-old lifestyles guru (whose 62-hectare Cantitoe Corners has become a topic of high interest and curiosity among her fans) is welcoming them, and the rest of the world, for an unprecedented visit on Monday's "The Martha Stewart Show" (syndicated; check local time and station).

"So many people ask me, 'What's the farm like? What do you grow? What animals do you have?"' she explained to a reporter. "I decided it would be fun to kick off the fourth season at the farm - fun for the crew, too."

Any other weekday, "Martha Stewart" would be originating from Manhattan, often live, in front of a studio audience. But this taped premiere called for mobilizing a staff and crew of 100 (and enough equipment to shoot a feature film) at Stewart's estate, a spread she bought eight years ago in tony, leafy Bedford, about 50 kilometres north of the city.

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